Africanfuturekids e.V.

Maybe you are wondering why we name Africa as a continent, when all countries are totally different?

It is important to us that the support of certain projects is independent of the country in which they are to be realized. That is why we refrain from naming individual countries on this page. We are aware that these and also the individual countries within many countries differ in many ways.


Who we are

We are people with and without African migration background from Dortmund, Hamburg and Berlin. The people in the association have different approaches and backgrounds in terms of education, economy, culture and much more. Our personal connection to concrete places enables us to look in dialogue with the people on the spot what is needed and in which form a support makes sense.  We are open to new projects and ideas.

What we want

We have the idea to enable or improve access to education, economic participation and health for people in Africa and to support children on their way to a self-determined life.

Our idea is not only to help the people we know personally. The association AfricanFutureKids e.V. should also create a basis for others who also have ideas for projects of this kind in mind. We want to provide an infrastructure that will help to realize projects of this kind.

Criteria, which a project should fulfill, so that it can be supported by us, are:

– Cooperation with local people, because only they know what is meaningful for them – Support people in their needs.

Our previous projects

Kindergarden DROBO is a project, which does not exist in this way in many African areas: Education and upbringing of children outside the family is not provided until they reach school age. The construction has already begun. A site was chosen for it where people with their children had already begun to meet + network.

is a project that aims to save the school of Gandin. It has been started to repair the school building
and to stop the decay. The school is attended by children from several villages. If it is no longer
possible for the children to attend this school, it means the end of their education for many.

What we find good

  • Building, maintaining and equipping educational institutions
  • Projects to promote the common good:
  • Water/electricity supply
  • Health stations/ decentralized health centers
  • Aids (walking aids, rollators, splints, bandages)
  • Promotion and education of women and girls